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The Keep Rising program is interactive and seeks to establish a learning trajectory of focused sessions and events that are designed to connect and unlock the potential and capacity of participants as they engage. This youth development and enrichment program created by Keep Rising covers a range of topics. The program has the capacity to provide leadership development for youth during the school day on campus and through after school/summer enrichment programs. This development is provided directly on the campus where participants attend school. Keep Rising provides an opportunity for youth to have supported a classroom environment offering assistance to teachers and school staff. The program is cultivated through the following concepts:


Participants will interact with one another in planned forums, seminars, and meetings. College readiness, life skills, and preparation topics will be discussed. Participants will also attend career workshops that prepares them for life readiness and the workforce. Leadership development skills will be taught in small group, large group, and one on one sessions. Seminars are leadership influenced that promote entrepreneurship and leadership development.



Each participant will receive peer support that will assist in helping by deriving from past difficulties and ways to develop new habits. These habits will assist in studying, money management, science education, math skills, and technological advancements. In the process, participants will discover skills that represent the arts in music and film. Participants will also undergo emotional and development and integrity, health and wellness, and mental wellness.



Financial literacy will be taught to gain success for organizational participants. These program participants will engage with money specialists, financial coaches, and banking professionals. These experiences will develop and understanding for finance, remove barriers, and gain knowledge to be successful in money management.



A research based rigorous and robust, non-traditional curriculum will be available for participants. The curriculum will include planned lessons on college readiness. The workshops include Master Class sessions that includes leading industry expert. Self-identity and how to develop a sense of self within a learning environment. Educational based, is the key of the curriculum, but it carries the components of life skills additionally. It has been written to relate to everyone from every walk of life with in the program. Identifying community resources on individual challenges will also be a part of this curriculum. Participants will also be involved in community projects.



A program has been developed to recruit volunteers and hire staff. Participants of this program will come from all resources in the community and professionals in the field including education, financial, leadership, fitness, and many others.



Staff and the board of directors of Keep Rising will network and collaborate with global experts in areas of interest for referral purposes as well as obtaining research-based strategies that the staff can implement.


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