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Safe Driving

Supporting the safety of youth drivers is imperative. This component covers the importance of eliminating texting and driving and any other impairments related to unsafe driving practices. 

Financial Literacy

From college planning, to moving out on their own money many young people need assistance with simply understanding money. Keep Rising's financial literacy program teaches youth basic banking, credit building, and saving fundamentals. 

Effective Communication

​This component offers youth an opportunity to master the world of speaking and listening. This art will extend a chance to youth to be future activists, great debaters, and potential candidates for political backgrounds. 

Mental Health

Providing education and awareness on mental health to students who may need support in navigating through the complexities of life. This component covers things such as anxiety, suicide, and depression among others. 

Life Skills Mentoring

Pairing education with real life scenarios that prepares children for life. Life Skills Mentoring provides program participants with skilled workers to train and develop youth participants. 

College Readiness

With a college degree or trade skilled, possibilities are endless for youth. Keep Rising offers an extensive guide for both children and parents that helps with college applications, financial aid, test prep resources and so much more. 

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